Transpersonal Art Therapy (TPAT) is a form of therapy which links psychology to the spiritual. In working with TPAT we confront our uniqueness in creative ways. The approach is non clinical. When we commit to this ‘inner work’ we find the doorway to self discovery – and as we continue the work we learn the extent of our personal strengths and resources. 

Through art (painting) and creative writing I will urge you trust your intuition utilising metaphor and symbol. These tools help to develop self awareness and self esteem……we work on issues that you might need personal assistance with. 

I can work with you on a one to one basis or in small groups if preferred …..and you dont need to be an artist to to begin with. I have experience working with children on self esteem through self awareness. 

I am a qualified counsellor and have a diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy from Ikon at the Phoenix Institute.

If you are interested in art therapy work, please email me.